Watching your favorite Movies Wherever you are

Movies are the most entertaining alternative. Watching movies in the theaters have its own charm but watching old classic movies on your laptop and smartphone is the new trend. In this hectic schedule, it is very difficult for movie lovers to go and watch movies in the theater.

movie streaming apps

Android market is one such virtual place where you can install any application and enjoy its facilities for free. Movie applications just a part of this virtual market. There are unlimited movie streaming applications that allow you to watch movies and tv shows for free on your smartphones.

The entertainment world has grown so much that now you can find these Android based applications on all other platforms like iOS, Windows, PC and much more.

Today we are here to discuss the top 5 movie streaming applications that will enable you to use your spare time in a more beneficial way.


  • Terrarium Tv

Terrarium Tv is a movie streaming and downloading app that allows you to watch movies online or by downloading on your smartphones. It provides you with unlimited movies and a good collection of tv shows. Undoubtedly Terrarium Tv is one of the best app as compared to its competitors in the market. You will fall in love with its video quality choices and stock of movies and series.

  1. ShowBox

ShowBox HD is one app that cannot be left behind. Though there are amazing new arrivals in the market today, ShowBox HD has still managed to secure its place with good HD video quality and new features to count on. For a better knowledge, it would be better if you experience the app by yourself. Download Showbox 4.72 APK

  1. TubeMate

Though TubeMate is the oldest application as compared to its alternatives, it still maintains the same quality and versatility in its services. TubeMate does not allow you to watch series on it but it is an excellent video downloader and streamer. TubeMate is for sure an undisputed leader of movie streaming.

  1. NetFlix

NetFlix is a movie streaming application and website that allows you to download unlimited movies and series on your smartphone as well as on your PCs. NetFlix provides you unbelievable features and stock of movies. The only thing that can restrict you from downloading this app is its subscription fee. Yes, the services on NetFlix is chargeable but they are surely worth it!

  1. CinemaBox HD

CinemaBox HD also known as PlayBox HD has reached a certain height only through its amazing movie quality and the good collection of tv series. It provides you an option of ChromeCast where you can, of course, connect your tv screen with your smartphone for a better viewing experience. It is definitely a brilliant alternative, the apps listed above.


These top 5 applications are quite good at their services and products. The movies and tv series available on them are excellent and of great quality. You all must try them!