Playview App Gets 1 Million Download In 3 Months

app for android

app for android

It has only been 3 months since the free android app Playview was released, but it is causing shockwaves in ways no one expected! The latest statistics have revealed that over 1 million people have downloaded the app, which is an astronomical figure whichever way you look at it. Often, when most apps get released into the market, they take between 6 to 10 months to hit the 1 million mark; most only attain 80K downloads at most within 3 months.

Analysts and market observers have attributed the popularity of this free app to various factors, including;

  • The App has become popular thanks to its ability to enable hundreds of thousands of android users, a chance to stream live TV shows, episodes, and movies fast and conveniently. Users have also been given an option to download the videos or TV shows and episodes, so as to watch them later even without internet.
  • Unlike most apps that tend to lack a multiplicity effect on numerous platforms, Playview has bypassed theme all; in other words, an android user can watch and download videos from YouTube, Liveleaks, Putlocker, Nowvideo, VK, AllmyVideos, etc. The app has a category where you select the host/ platform of the video or TV show you wish to download.
  • The app also uses cutting edge technology; you are able to get accurate updates on any newly released movies, trailers, including those that are set to be released soon! This is one factor that has made many android users get addicted to this app, because when you are watching a new release, the app is already updating you on the next release, or what you missed.
  • It has also been observed that Playview has gained much popularity globally, thanks to the fact that it enables users watch movies or shows in English, Spanish, and other major international languages. There’s an icon for selecting your favorite languages, and you can remove the subtitles if you so wish.
  • The app is 100% safe, and has so far been downloaded by over 1.3 million people. The fact that you can also download the app even with slow internet has further entrenched its popularity within the last 90 days. One of the greatest risks when downloading apps comes in form of malware and other virus attacks on your device. But the fact that Playview has weeded out spam and all other suspicious sites means that you can trust it completely.

To summarize it;

If one is to go by the latest statistics, the Playview App is expected to be downloaded more, as more and more TV show and Movie lovers hear of it. It’s the first of its kind anyway and if it has managed 1.3 Million downloads in 90 days, then by the end of year one can anticipate many more downloads.


Clearly, the future of Playview looks very bright, and for a good reason. The next few months are going to play a big role, as the manufacturer adds more features to make the app more user friendly.