Adventures Of Wanara

Comics and games are the most competitive niche in Indonesia and related countries. Wanara is an Android comic game. It was released by Indonesian digital art studio Mechanimation Entertainment. Eleven Games is the brain behind this game. This organization prepared Wanara app.


Basically, Wanara is an Android comic app. Its first episode was name Garuda Riders. Wanara is the perfect hybrid of comic and game. While playing game, reading the interactive comic is so amazing!

The Adventures of Wanara is comic about the famous folklore of Indonesia. It is the story about a protagonist character known as Naradija. Naradija is descendent of three different races. These races include human, giant and monkey. The main objective of Naradija is to stop the resurrection of the evil king. This can be done by collecting eight God elements.


Wanara is the fun app which has so much to offer like mini games, animation, comic and music. In short, it is an amazing package for anyone who loves folklore comics.

According to the Wanara team, this app is inspired by Indonesian folk tale. But the team wanted to develop a new experience for the people. The people have read about this tale. Due to an interactive comic app, the users can read this tale with new elements. As they can play games, enjoy music and of course what can be more interesting than reading comic!


The Adventures of Wanara consist of five episodes. The first episode was released with the launch of the app. The game has been funded by Indonesian telecom company Telkom. So, this app is going to be a big hit!

Wanara is not the first app of Eleven Games. We have seen many games developed by this team. Such as Revenge and Nusantara Chronicle. Both games are Indonesian theme based.

So, if you are a fan of folklore comics, Wanara is the perfect for you!