How to Link Aadhar Card with Your Voter id Card?

After Aadhar card got linked with bank accounts, it seems that now it’s the turn of Voter id card. Under National Electoral rolls purification and authentication program (NERPAP), Indian Government is taking measures to link your Aadhar card to the voter id card as well.

One basic reason for this is voluntary disclosure of duplication of names, improve the quality of the image on the card, people to give the mobile number and email address(which were not compulsory at first). These few reasons are enough to say that India is getting digitalized and developed country.

This special drive will urge voters to provide their personal details under a special form which will ask them to fill in their EPIC number(voter id number), Aadhar card number, date of birth, phone number, email id, etc.

link aadhar card

EPIC-Aadhar seeding

EPIC also known as Aadhar -Voter ID card linkage is one of the biggest drive launched by the Indian government after, Aadhar card. EPIC-Aadhar seeding is also a term used in many official papers, so please don’t get confused if you read this term online as well.

How to link Aadhar card and Voter ID card?

There are varied various to link both the important documents: SMS, Online, and call center. These three ways can help you to link eaadharcard and voters id card. Let’s see the procedure:-

Method #1 – Online process

Step 1 – Visit the official page of Aadhar card linking page.

Step 2 – Fill in the required details in the boxes given, for example, name, Father/husband name, state, and district, and date of birth.


Step 3 – On the extreme bottom on right side, you notice a search button, click on the “search” option.

Step 4 – If you’ve filled the information correctly, all the details will be displayed on the screen.

Step 5 – On the left-hand side of the page, you’ll see an option “Feed Aadhar Number”.

Step 6 – As you click on that, a pop-up page will appear on the screen.

Step 7 – Now enter all the related information – Name on Aadhar card, Voter id number (EPIC NUMBER), Aadhar number, email id, and phone number.


Step 8 – Submit the form, hit the “Submit” option.

Step 9 – As the details are submitted to the official database office, you get a notification saying “Your request for Aadhar number with Electoral database has been successfully registered”.

Method #2 – SMS

The procedure can also be completed via SMS services. So for people who have a problem with internet etc can always use this method.

You simple have to type: ECILINK <EPIC_NUMBER> <AADHAR_NUMBER>.

Send the SMS on “51969 or 166”.


These were the two basic methods to link your Aadhar card with Voter id card. Though they are the easiest methods to complete the procedure, there are other options as well. So if you’re unable to make use of any of the methods above, we still have an option for you.

Make a call on “1950”, tell them your voter id number and Aadhar card number and you work is done. Linking your EPIC-Aadhar card is just a call away!

Playview App Gets 1 Million Download In 3 Months

app for android

app for android

It has only been 3 months since the free android app Playview was released, but it is causing shockwaves in ways no one expected! The latest statistics have revealed that over 1 million people have downloaded the app, which is an astronomical figure whichever way you look at it. Often, when most apps get released into the market, they take between 6 to 10 months to hit the 1 million mark; most only attain 80K downloads at most within 3 months.

Analysts and market observers have attributed the popularity of this free app to various factors, including;

  • The App has become popular thanks to its ability to enable hundreds of thousands of android users, a chance to stream live TV shows, episodes, and movies fast and conveniently. Users have also been given an option to download the videos or TV shows and episodes, so as to watch them later even without internet.
  • Unlike most apps that tend to lack a multiplicity effect on numerous platforms, Playview has bypassed theme all; in other words, an android user can watch and download videos from YouTube, Liveleaks, Putlocker, Nowvideo, VK, AllmyVideos, etc. The app has a category where you select the host/ platform of the video or TV show you wish to download.
  • The app also uses cutting edge technology; you are able to get accurate updates on any newly released movies, trailers, including those that are set to be released soon! This is one factor that has made many android users get addicted to this app, because when you are watching a new release, the app is already updating you on the next release, or what you missed.
  • It has also been observed that Playview has gained much popularity globally, thanks to the fact that it enables users watch movies or shows in English, Spanish, and other major international languages. There’s an icon for selecting your favorite languages, and you can remove the subtitles if you so wish.
  • The app is 100% safe, and has so far been downloaded by over 1.3 million people. The fact that you can also download the app even with slow internet has further entrenched its popularity within the last 90 days. One of the greatest risks when downloading apps comes in form of malware and other virus attacks on your device. But the fact that Playview has weeded out spam and all other suspicious sites means that you can trust it completely.

To summarize it;

If one is to go by the latest statistics, the Playview App is expected to be downloaded more, as more and more TV show and Movie lovers hear of it. It’s the first of its kind anyway and if it has managed 1.3 Million downloads in 90 days, then by the end of year one can anticipate many more downloads.


Clearly, the future of Playview looks very bright, and for a good reason. The next few months are going to play a big role, as the manufacturer adds more features to make the app more user friendly.



Watching your favorite Movies Wherever you are

Movies are the most entertaining alternative. Watching movies in the theaters have its own charm but watching old classic movies on your laptop and smartphone is the new trend. In this hectic schedule, it is very difficult for movie lovers to go and watch movies in the theater.

movie streaming apps

Android market is one such virtual place where you can install any application and enjoy its facilities for free. Movie applications just a part of this virtual market. There are unlimited movie streaming applications that allow you to watch movies and tv shows for free on your smartphones.

The entertainment world has grown so much that now you can find these Android based applications on all other platforms like iOS, Windows, PC and much more.

Today we are here to discuss the top 5 movie streaming applications that will enable you to use your spare time in a more beneficial way.


  • Terrarium Tv

Terrarium Tv is a movie streaming and downloading app that allows you to watch movies online or by downloading on your smartphones. It provides you with unlimited movies and a good collection of tv shows. Undoubtedly Terrarium Tv is one of the best app as compared to its competitors in the market. You will fall in love with its video quality choices and stock of movies and series.

  1. ShowBox

ShowBox HD is one app that cannot be left behind. Though there are amazing new arrivals in the market today, ShowBox HD has still managed to secure its place with good HD video quality and new features to count on. For a better knowledge, it would be better if you experience the app by yourself. Download Showbox 4.72 APK

  1. TubeMate

Though TubeMate is the oldest application as compared to its alternatives, it still maintains the same quality and versatility in its services. TubeMate does not allow you to watch series on it but it is an excellent video downloader and streamer. TubeMate is for sure an undisputed leader of movie streaming.

  1. NetFlix

NetFlix is a movie streaming application and website that allows you to download unlimited movies and series on your smartphone as well as on your PCs. NetFlix provides you unbelievable features and stock of movies. The only thing that can restrict you from downloading this app is its subscription fee. Yes, the services on NetFlix is chargeable but they are surely worth it!

  1. CinemaBox HD

CinemaBox HD also known as PlayBox HD has reached a certain height only through its amazing movie quality and the good collection of tv series. It provides you an option of ChromeCast where you can, of course, connect your tv screen with your smartphone for a better viewing experience. It is definitely a brilliant alternative, the apps listed above.


These top 5 applications are quite good at their services and products. The movies and tv series available on them are excellent and of great quality. You all must try them!

What Can Videoder Do?

Videoder is one of the most diverse applications in the market right now. Seconded by Vidmate app alone, Videoder has been climbing the popularity charts with considerable ease even after topping popularity ratings for quite some time now. All this makes you wonder, what is it that Videoder can do that is so unique? What can Videoder offer to you in exchange for that small space it takes up in your memory?


Well, in this article, I’m going to briefly summarise the many good points you can do using Videoder. Plus I’ll throw in some stuff that I find interesting about the app. Hope you enjoy it as well. Let’s get started!

There is a lot of stuff Videoder can do for you. It occupies a tiny space in your phone memory, and in exchange you get to do a load of cool stuff that no other app affords you. From downloading to browsing to managing files and space constraints, the benefits of having this nifty app are astoundingly numerous.

Videoder APK-0

Watch unlimited movies now!
We all know how easily one can find great movies on the internet. YouTube itself has quite the collection of amazing titles. Videoder can let you access all those sites and then watch as well as download all the movies you like for free! The app gives you unlimited access to any movie you can find on the internet.


Get free music!
Music lovers have a friend in Videoder. The app lets you browse videos. If songs are your calling but you cannot fiind proper links to download the latest tracks anywhere, go to your very own YouTube. Enter the name of the song and view it. You can download the video directly as an mp3 file, which means no need to carry useless conversion apps or look for direct links ever again.


Get a bunch of videos downloaded at once!
Yep! Too tired to download each video of a playlist individually? Well, just go to that playlist and you can download it whole with just a few button presses. Keep doing what you were doing and let Videoder do all the work. Who wouldn’t love some wonderful “Me-time”? The feature comes in handy when you have a lots of videos to download and not enough time to go through each of them and queue them individually.

There are plenty of other neat features that make Videoder a useful app. Features such as the round-edged design is a pretty attractive feature being commended by several users. Download managers are pretty cool. And the level of organisation is pretty decent.


The app lets you keep track of which content is being downloaded and how much longer it is going to take. The files already downloaded are a tap away too. But perhaps the best thing about the app is the ease with which it can assist you through various tasks. The meticulous detail will steal your heart!

With this we end this brief exposition on what Videoder can do for you. Have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask us! We’re happy to help.

Top 4 Video editing apps

Gone are those days when we use to capture our special moments with a camera. Our smartphone is an all in one devices that not only enables us to record our precious moments with our family and friends and family, but also edit it by ourself.

Video editing is not a new phenomena for Smartphones. Users can download them from their device play stores like – Microsoft and Google. Let’s see the Top 4 video editing applications for Android OS, Windows Phone and iOS devices :-

Viva Video


Viva Video is an application that allows you to edit your photos and videos with especial effects like FX, stickers, Live dubbing, Music, Filters, transitions and text. Users can choose whether they want to record video directly on Viva or pass through gallery. Viva Video also provides you with an option to create a video through your still pictures adding music and transitions to it. The best part is that you can share the video on all social media sites without any alterations. Therefore, this application come on number 1 for me.

Magisto : Magical video editing


Magisto is a magical tool that works amazingly well for users like you and me. How does it work? You add new pictures or videos to Magisto, select a soundtracks for it and wait for a few moments depending on how long the video is.

According to the developers, Magisto works with artificial Intelligence tool that controls your video and pictures by itself, you just need to wait for the final result. Though, sometimes it is not going to come out the way you want but of course you can always try using it!



VideoShow is a tool that enables you to edit your videos by adding on different effects and themes to it. Users can apply latest themes, stickers, subtitles, music, instagram style colour profile, text, GIFs and filters.

After your video is ready with all the editing, you can share it with your friends and family on all social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube and many more sites.



WeVideo is a great tool that enables you to edit video and give them a beautiful look by adding some extra effects. Once you’re done, you can share your videos on all social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube.

WeVideo works very easily for you – Just add new photos for slideshow or drag your video to the app and add new text, filters, stickers, GIFs, frames and different effects.


These were few video editing applications on the top 4 list. Please let me know your choice by writing your comments below. I would love to read them. Thank you!

SnapTube For Blackberry

SnapTube YouTube video downloader is an application that enables you to download videos and movies on your devices. You can watch them for free that too without internet connection. It’s especially made for Android OS devices. As we all know that Video downloading apps are not supported by Google and Microsoft play stores. We can definitely download their Apk files for a variety of sources like,, 9apps and No doubt, SnapTube has its own amazing features, let’s list them down :-

SnapTube apk

    • User friendly interface with beautiful out look.
  • Search videos with easy keywords.
  • Manage your playlist with favorite songs and videos
  • Play, pause or resume – manage your downloading process as per your convenience
  • Explore new videos and music
  • The design is 100% clean and safe
  • Converts Mp4 into Mp3 files in seconds.
  • Users can watch unlimited videos and movies without internet connection

We all are aware of the fact that SnapTube YouTube video downloader is available for Android OS, Windows phone and PC. But did we knew that now SnapTube is also there for Blackberry Devices. Blackberry has its own app market where SnapTube is not available for its users.

Now, Blackberry users can download SnapTube with the similar process as for Android OS users. Lets look at the procedure :-

Step 1 – Go on your web browser

Step 2 – Search for SnapTube YouTube video downloader apk file in the search box

Step 3 – Download the application from the legal sites as mentioned above

Step 4 – let the app install wait for few minutes

Step 5 – Go back to your home menu and look out for the application icon

Step 6 – Open SnapTube and use it freely.

For sure, SnapTube works exactly the same way as it does in other devices. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. You can freely enjoy the application on your phone. If I have missed out something , please let me know through your valuable comments below. I would love to read them. Thank you!

Top 3 Video Downloaders

Who doesn’t like to watch latest videos, movies and new trailers? I am a die hard fan of videos and movies, I am sure you are also one of them!

People love to download and watch videos so that they don’t have to waste their time on that buffering sign revolving around their eyes and exhausting their internet data. Well, I am one of them! What is the solution for this, as we all know Google Play Store does not support YouTube video downloader applications.

Many companies have launched new video downloading apps on either their official websites or on a variety of sources like –,, and These sites are 100% safe and clean for downloading videos. Let’s put down the Top 3 YouTube video downloaders apps for Android OS users.

SnapTube YouTube Video Downloader

SnapTube apk

SnapTube video downloader is an application that allows you to download all the latest videos and movies just in seconds. No doubt, SnapTube has a very simple and subtle User Interface. It kick started in November, 2014 and right now it is on Top in the list of video downloaders apps for Android OS devices. Though, an application is judged by its features but for now let’s list them down together :-

  • Clean design material and 100% safe UI
  • Directly converts Mp4 to Mp3 files.
  • Users can search for their favorite videos by their keywords.
  • Discover latest videos and movie reviews with daily updates.
  • Manage all your favorite videos at one pace
  • Pause, play or resume – Manage your downloading process according to your convenience.
  • SnapTube video downloader does not support any kind of Advertisements or Popups.

You can also follow SnapTube latest updates and news on their Facebook and twitter account

Videoder Video downloader


Nowadays people love watch videos be it – romance, comedy, animation, intellectual or biography. Videoder video downloader is an application that allow its users to watch unlimited videos that too 100% free. Well, you all should experience its amazing features, but for now let’s list them all together :-

  • Unlimited music and video downloading
  • No annoying advertisements and Popups.
  • All video resolutions available – MP3, 4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P, 240P, 144P and in 60fps
  • Download multiple videos and browse at the same time
  • Extremely beautiful User Interface – simple and easy to use
  • In built web browser allows you to download videos from different sites.
  • Users can share video and their direct links on all social media sites like Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Download different videos from various sites like , , , , , , , , + 170 more websites

TubeMate YouTube video Downloader


TubeMate is an application that allow users to download videos directly onto their smartphones and save them in their SD card. Like any other video downloading application TubeMate also does the same amount of work for you. Let’s see its features :-

  • Has large amount of variety in videos like – Comedy, Thriller, Intellectual, romance and many more.
  • Has beautiful and mesmerizing User Interface.
  • There no Advertisements or Popups
  • Can download and convert Mp4 to Mp3 files.
  • Users can choose their desired location for saving the videos.
  • Choose video resolution before downloading according to your convenience.
  • Play, pause or resume – download as per your choice.

These were the Top 3 video downloading applications for Android OS users. For any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write your comments below. Thank you!